Beal Diablo doesn’t like hell


I bought Beal’s all new rope model with fancy Unicore technology with hopes for my ropes longer life and duration. The rope wasn’t so cheap, so it should last some time… Well after 1 month in Turkey it looks like I have made a big mistake. This is the first cut after 1 month of climbing. You can easily see the core of the Unicore rope…



If you’ll visit Turkey in the autumn, pomegrenades will be widely available. In Geykbayiri camps, they grow everywhere so you have a great source of truly natural fruits for free. Remember to eat only the seeds –  the best fruits, are the ones, which are already cracked. You should break it with your hand (using knife is not the best solution) and put out all the precious seeds. And that’s it – ready to eat. Full of vitamins and other goodies 🙂

Geyikbayiri – something different

Geyikbayiri – if you’re bored with western Europes climbing spots, this is the place. Sure you can meet lots of Germans, Italians and other european people here, but unlike the western europes spots, here you can also meet people from Turkey, Iran, Kazachstan, Australia, USA and many other more foreign countries. Continue reading