Geyikbayiri – something different

Geyikbayiri – if you’re bored with western Europes climbing spots, this is the place. Sure you can meet lots of Germans, Italians and other european people here, but unlike the western europes spots, here you can also meet people from Turkey, Iran, Kazachstan, Australia, USA and many other more foreign countries.

The climbing region is pretty fresh – it only has 10 years. Most of the routes are few years old. It is a great quality limestone, many overhanging routes. Lots of tufas. You can climb here even if it’s raining, well maybe not after 7 days of rain. But a day or 2 won’t to harm to some sectors. A 70 meter rope should do for most of the routes, but sometimes it’s not enough. As I wrote – you need a long rope, therefore you will also need lots of quickdroaws. Remember to bring some with long slings. So your line won’t drag along the tufa.
Most of the climbing sectors are about 1-15 minutes (yeah, there is a big sector just next to the camping sites – about 1 minute walk) walk from the camping. Ohh about the camping…

The most popular spot is JOSITO camping, very nice place to meet some people, here everything is tidy and in German order. In the reception building there’s a restaurant with a insanely slow wifi access. Most of the climbers meet here in the morning for the breakfast or just to surf the internet, or play chess. If you wish to make your own food, there’s a public kitchen with all the neccessary stuff you need for preparing a good pre/after-climb meal (gastanks, dishes etc.) So you don’t need to take any of the kitchen stuff. Pomegranates grow everywhere on these camp sites. Don’t hesitate to try them.

If you prefer a little bit of turkish atmosphere – just behind the fence you’ll find Kezbans guesthouse. Place with a nice stove inside, on which the staff prepares the dishes. They also have a public kitchen and some fireplace, but no so popular as the Jositos, this is a more discreet and quite camping site, still being developed.

Getting to Geyikbayiri – first you have to get to Antalya. Probably by plane, probably to Istanbul and then you catch a local flight to Antalya. You end up on the airport in Antalya, if it’s too late for the public buses to drive, you can have a nap on the airports benches. If it’s a normal daytime you should get a bus number 600 from the airport. It will get you to the main bus terminal. And here it starts to get a little bit tricky, because you can’t get a bus to Geyikbayiri from there. You have to have a little walk – you get to the main street from the bus terminal, turn right walk until you came upon the first street, cross it and on the right you can see a bus stop. Don’t worry that it hasn’t got any line numbers or schedules – this is Turkey.

You should catch a 521 bus to… it depends sometimes it goes to Cakirlar, from where you have to trek for about 40 minutes – just go straight up the road your bus drove. But be carefull – there are some wild dogs who may try to attack you. Please read a few words about these animals in Turkey. You’ll see a Josito camping sign after few kilometers. If you’re lucky the bus will go to Geyikbayiri and you can ask the driver to stop next to the road heading down to Josito camping & Kezbans guesthouse. When you’ll turn from the main road it’s just 5 minute walk.


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