Getting to Ton Sai

Getting to Ton-Sai has been a little bit harder than expected. Instead of sleeping in a plane I choose an option of beering-up and watching movies all night/flight long… BTW Expendables 2 suck… So when I finally got out of the plane on Phuket airport it didn’t occur to me that I can end up on a totally different TonSai … The one on PhiPhi island, everything was looking quite ok untill I got on the boat and haven’t seen a lot of climbers, mostly people who prefer some alco/drug/sex tourism. But when the boat finally got to the destination I knew something is wrong and this does not look like on the pictures… Not a lot of climbing, but a lot of crazy, loud and totally wasted teenagers. Had to spend the night on PhiPhi islands TonSai, at least I got some sleep, and seen a lot of people unable to walk or even crawl, sometimes leaving a trail of blood pukes or other shit after them… Yeahh if you are looking for the proper Ton Sai be aware when leaving the airplane and getting some transport there. Your destination from the airport should be Ao Nang port, from there it’s just a couple of minutes by a longboat.



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