Insurance in climbing

Have you ever wondered why it is so damn hard to find an insurance within mainstream insurance companies that covers climbing? The answer is quite easy, climbing is a free and mostly uncommercial sport. You take your gear, your partner and head on wherever you want to go. You are on your own, don’t have to pay anyone for the access to the crag or show anyone any certificate confirming your skills. The beauty of the climbing can sometimes be it’s curse. The insurance companies don’t want to enter this business because most of the times there is no commercial company supervising the climbers while climbing, there is no business body responsible for the climbers. It’s just the climbers. Unlike diving or other commercial sports where you usually become a client of some company to conduct your favorite passion. If something goes wrong, your insurance company can always try to blame the local dive centre for this fuck up. And get the money from them.

Not in climbing, climbing is dangerous. Sure people who bolted the routes usually made a damn good job, but they are not legally responsible for their bolting. They did it for passion, not for money. That’s one of the “strange” phenomenons that money-driven insurance companies just don’t understand. Same goes to your climbing, you do it on your own, with your partner. Usually without any commercially organized group. So again if something happens the only person involved is either you or your partner. Oohhh and BTW he wasn’t belaying for money also…now that’s too much for the insurance corporations.

Probably the official statement of these companies is that risk assessment is to hard in climbing to develop any reasonably priced products. The reality is it’s not a good business for them. The only person responsible for you is you. And they don’t care about you. They care whether or not there is some bigger company standing between you and your climbing. And in 99.99% cases there is not.


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