Australia is awesome! But… The beer is pure piss

20130616-101707.jpg Locals don’t think that way, they agree that European beer is good. It’s just they live in a reality where their beer are… Acceptable and tolerable and they like their taste… Sure you can find something good here, but you have to look for it. Unlike in Europe where you can buy a good beer in every store.


Ton Sai average prices

Prices from Ton Sai beach, early 2013:

Shake 50-80 baht
Small beer 50-80 baht
Large beer 120-140 baht
Musli 60 baht
French toast 60 baht
Bottled water 10-30 baht
Chicken with rice or noodles 80 baht
Happy hour pizza 150 baht
Other dinner meals 80-200 baht ( but i gets higher if you want some fresh fish)
Joint 200 baht
Pancake 50-60 baht
2 person fan bungalow 400-1000 baht
Boat to Ao Nang 100 baht
10 minutes of Internet 20-30 baht (it is 10 baht on Railey beach)