Climbing is for everyBODY


Jamie on a 8b route in Geyikbayırı, still a project for him. But this dude had a couple of belly surgeries and a pretty fucked up hip. You still think that climbing is to hard for your body?


Some say that in Geyikbayırı you only need 2 quickdraws


One at the beginning of the route, and second at the end – to clip it into the chain. Most of the hard routes have fixed quickdraws, so if you like climbing routes harder than 7b/7c you won’t use many quickdraws.

Geyikbayiri – something different

Geyikbayiri – if you’re bored with western Europes climbing spots, this is the place. Sure you can meet lots of Germans, Italians and other european people here, but unlike the western europes spots, here you can also meet people from Turkey, Iran, Kazachstan, Australia, USA and many other more foreign countries. Continue reading